Elastomer / Neopren
As of now we are happy to offer you, in addition to our existing articles made our of neoprene, a full service neoprene repair service.

Quickly, reliable and cost-efficient we now repair your

- diving suit
- surfing suit
- other neopren suits
- gloves made out of neoprene
- other neoprene articles.

If you are looking for a qualified partner and specialists around NEOPRENE, with us you are spot-on. Whether you need a repair or a costum- made article in all areas of operation we have the necessary professional competence as well as long experience.



Golf products

PDF download (german)

Golf mats, ball basin, elastic sheets and rubber cobbles - the complete system for the glof course.

Neopren cushions

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For in- and outdoor usage at sports-, recreational events and festivals.

Rail profile adjustment

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A flexible system that can be used with all wood, steeland concrete railway ties (sleepers) with 600, 630 and 650 mm tie spacing.

Safety surfaces

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Safer play grounds, sport areas and school yards.

Sound insulation systems

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Higher loading capacity, heat insulation, cost reduction.