The tennis ball is one of the most complicated rubber form article. The narrow tolerances regarding weight, diameter and height of bound given by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) require a rigorous precision and a high amount of work input.

The GES Tec GmbH is a medium-sized German company disposing of a staff with a long experience in developing and manufacturing innovative elastomer products. The know-how of our employees guarantees professionals and amateurs as well as those, using the Greenballs in advertising as give-a-ways, a high-quality tennis ball.

Not least because of a thorough material-select we guarantee a long lifetime, bounce and weather resistance of the Greenballs Tennis Balls.

Our Greenballs - Products:
The special idea for clubs and associations, tennis schools, companies and manufacturer of advertising medium. Tennis balls with individual overprints. Available already at small quantities.
Tennis ball with original black core. Professional training and tournaments on all grounds.
Tennis ball with a lower internal pressure to prepare for game activities.