Synthetic foam
Synthetic foam is a material with open as well as closed pores. Apart from its crosslinked, fine and large pored structure, the material is weathering resistant and aging stable, scentless and nontoxic.

With our modern horizontal and vertical slicer and rotation symmetrical roll processing installation we are able to offer costumized solutions.

Cuts, stripes, handsponges, rolls and rings can be manufactured in the demanded qualities and measurments.

Synthetic foams are available in different colors and densities.


Synthetic foam - products:
Synthetic foam - qualities: * synthetic foam HN / HF / HM / HS
* synthetic foam red fine pores
* synthetic foam TK 1021
* synthetic foam P 410 / P 515
* synthetic foam V 10 M
* ceramic foam 10 to 100 ppi
Products: synthetic foam - sheets
synthetic foam - deglazing belts
synthetic foam - handsponges
synthetic foam - cuts
synthetic foam - stripes
synthetic foam - rings and rolls
synthetic foam - disks
Plastic products:
Plastic articles plastic receptacles
* pail
* fuel measure
* bags

plastic sheets
* sheets
* cuts

plastic seals and Stripes
* squeegee
* scraper

plastic form article
* stopper, seals and die
* buffer
* clutch packet

conveying belts
* conveying belts